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The San Fernando Cancer Foundation is a non-profit (501 C3) that previously operated under the name of The Valley Breast Cancer Foundation. The board members have recently voted to expand the foundation’s mission to offer financial support to underserved cancer patients with other cancer diagnoses. This required the name change to reflect the expanded mission of the foundation. However, donations may be directed for the use of the particular desires and interests of the donor as well as to the general fund.

The Valley Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 2005 and has functioned as the non-profit arm of Valley Breast Care and Women’s Health Center. The mission of the center is:

To stop the premature and
preventable deaths of women from breast cancer.

With the financial aid provided by The Valley Breast Cancer Foundation and the State of California Every Woman Counts program (EWC), our breast cancer center provides timely access to breast cancer screening including mammograms and ultrasound scans, breast biopsies, diagnosis, and treatment for under-insured and uninsured women. Since its founding in 2005, Valley Breast Care has provided such services to many thousands of women.

Much of the services that our center provides are subsidized through the State of California Every Woman Counts program (EWC).

This life-saving program provides yearly screening mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and biopsies to low-income women. If a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer through the EWC program, they are then eligible for enrollment in the State of California Breast Cancer Treatment Fund (BCTF) which provides full scope breast cancer treatment and services including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, there are many other needs of this demographic that go unmet including breast reconstruction procedures, help with housing during treatment, medical services not related to their breast cancer diagnosis, and other social support services.

The San Fernando Valley Cancer Foundation plays a vital role in the provision of these services.

In addition to breast cancer screening and diagnostic services, the center also facilitates access to surgical oncology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology services. Pre and post-treatment support services which include positive image counseling and social support services are also available.

Unfortunately, cuts in health care reimbursements and loss of health care coverage have contributed to a delay in diagnosis and a lack of timely treatment for many women afflicted with breast cancer. In recent years, breast centers attempting to provide services to underserved populations have struggled to remain financially viable and many have subsequently closed their doors.

Over the last several years we have cared for and treated many patients with a cancer diagnosis other than breast cancer. These cancers include colon, gastric, thyroid, sarcoma, liver, pancreas, ovarian, and melanoma. However, there are no safety net programs to provide help for these patients similar to that which the EWC and BCTF programs provide for breast and cervical cancer patients.

The expanded role of the San Fernando Valley Cancer Foundation will provide much needed help for these patients including vital social support services and financial assistance.

Our organization goal is to expand these services throughout California.

In January of 2016,
a second site was opened in MidTown Los Angeles

and for the last six years has provided much-needed breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment services to thousands of low-income women that reside in the inner city. Currently, 
a third site is under construction
in the Santa Clarita Valley

We ask you to join us in this important mission

and to offer your prayers for all of those suffering from a cancer diagnosis. 

To make a donation or to find out more about us please click on the links below or contact us at or (310) 600-3282.

Preferred method of donation is by check, however if more convenient you may donate online..

Mail Check to:
San Fernando Valley Cancer Foundation
15211 Vanowen St. Suite 208
Van Nuys, CA 91405

This is not a new problem.

We’ve been fighting for women
with breast cancer for more than two decades.